Tamko la Waziri wa Elimu Bungeni Kuhusu Mikopo

  dreamjobstz       9.11.17

The government has ordered all heads of higher education institutions to stop bureaucracy in the provision of loans to beneficiaries who have an agreement with the Government.

Minister of Education, Science and Technology Professor Joyce Ndalichako said  in the parliament when it was the execution of the order of Speaker Job Ndugai who requested the state to comment on first-year students to be required to pay money for registration before getting loans.

The Speaker's order was based on the request requested by the Member of the Executive Committee (CCM) Martha Mlata who told the parliament that students had been struggling at college after having to pay for registration before they were granted a loan.

"The government has ordered higher education colleges to abandon bureaucracy in the provision of funds for loan beneficiaries who have an agreement with the Government," she said.

She said it was very frustrating to see some universities even reject students who were supposed to be their own or forcing them to adopt different programs that they had previously chosen by the respective universities.

"This is unacceptable and irritable about the integrity of the relevant universities." I am commissioning the TCU and the Ministry Education (Kurugenzi ya Elimu ya Juu ya Wizara), to monitor closely all ongoing issues as students report o their universities and identify all misconduct that violates students right to study programmes they want, "she said.

She said the Government would not hesitate to take strong action against all universities that would bring unnecessary inconvenience to students and make them lose time they should spend on studies.

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