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The WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature), an international conservation organization, is seeking for a competent and highly motivated Outreach/Communication Officer, to be based in Matambwe.

Major Task: The Outreach/Communication Officer will have overall responsibility for component 2 of SECAD public relations and the successful integration of outreach/public relations within the Selous Game Reserve (SGR) Management. This will involve establishing an Outreach Unit and training SGR wardens and rangers in applying good principles of communications and advocacy work in SGR. Equip them and the surrounding co management
buffer zones communities as well as the district councils with the required knowledge necessary to ensure the achievement of long term· SGR conservation goals. The Environmental Education/Outreach/Communication Officer will be responsible for building and sustaining SGR relations, reputation for natural resources management quality, and bridging the gap between local communities' and the whole management of SGR. The incumbent will also be responsible for ensuring clear understanding of the SGR General Management Plan to the communities and other stakeholders and help to ensure SGR achieves its goals and objectives set out in the GMP. The Officer will also develop schemes to convey messages about the significance of SGR to the nation, region and globally.

Specific duties and responsibilities:
• Facilitate training of SGR Wardens and Rangers as Undertakes research and develop educational programmes for schools, adults learners and various targeted community groups on SGR and key environmental challenges that both SGR and other stakeholders could be addressing jointly.
• Contact members of the media to set up interviews with SGR Manager and WWF reps and get SECAD featured on radio, TV, or any 'other channel according to WWF Communication Strategy and GOVE!rnmerit communication protocols;
• Facilitate the preparation ans issuing of publications such as newsletters, policy briefs, posters, email announcements, planned publications, on-line, intranet, social media, video, special projects and assignments as part of broader communication and information sharing with all stakeholders.

Required Qualifications and skills: A minimum of Bachelor's Degree in Communication , Additional added advantages include proven knowledge in natural resources and wildlife, environmental issues and Community Development; At least five years of experience in the communication field and or as Environmental Education officer, public relations of an environmental organization or programmes; Excellent communication and facilitation skills; Strong analytical skills including analysis of both quantitative and qualitative data, Strong knowledge in Computer programs,


WWF (The World Wide Fund for Nature) is an international non-governmental organization that deals with conservation of nature. Our mission is to stop the degradation of the Planet's natural environment and to build a future in which human live in harmony with nature. WWF Tanzania Country Office through the Ruvuma Landscape Programme is seeking to hire an experienced and motivated,individual for the position of Project Technical Assistant to be based in Dar es Salaam with extensive travels to the :field. The· Project Technical Assistant will be under the overall direction of the Ruvuma Landscape Program Coordinator and will implement the Rhino component of the Pachyderms project as defined in the project document (PD). In the field the incumbent will work in collaboration with and under a Project Lead Sclentist from. TAWIRI and will implement the following assigned ta.'s.ks including.but not limited to: assisting Government to revise and update Pachyderms National Conservation Strategies; surveying and monitoring Pachyderms range/habitats and distribution in space and time; studying the .life processes of animals and their environment as well as wildlife population dynamics;·determining which animals are affecting nature in a detrimental way; and helping to restore and conserve animal habitats within the greater Selous ecosystem and especially theSelous-Niassa Wildlife Corridor. In addition, the Technical AssistaQt will assist in designing and conducting regular wildlife surveys, small mammal trapping, camera trapping and data collection using drones, spotlight surveys and monitor wildlife behaviors within the designated sectors of Selous Game Reserve. He/She will work with project partners and contribute to achievement of the National Strategy to Combat Poaching and Illegal Wildlife Trade. The overall goal is to ensure known threats and emerging ones to the iconic and flagship species are addressed as well as the conservation'of the places they inhabit is enhanced and in so doing contribute to sustainable conservation of the many species that share the habitats

He/she will implement quality assurance/quality control plans to ensure the Pachyderms data collected and reports prepared meet National and WWF standards and regulations; assist Government to develop and store information pertinent to the protection and restoration of Pachyderms within the Ruvuma Landscape; contribute to the establishment of Pachyderms database through maintaining daily logs for the different groups and families within the assigned study areas; contribute to the identification of wildlife-borne diseases and work to improve the management of wild mammal and bird vectors carrying pathogens that may adversely affect human health; in collaboration with TAWIRI and the M&E Officer and Communication/Outreach Officer jointly participate to prepare technical briefing papers, status updates for the Ruvuma Landscape Programme;

Requirements: A minimum of Bachelor's degree or higher in Wildlife Biology, Wildlife Ecology, Zoology or related disciplines including Environmental Science, Range Management, and Natural Resources Management; At least five years of experience as Biologist or Ecologist in any Protected Areas in the country (Game Reserves, National Parks or Ngorongoro Conservation Area); Strong analytical skills including analysis of both quantitative and qualitative data; Excellent organizational and time management skills required to meet deadlines; Ability to work independently and as part of a team; Excellent communication and facilitation skills; report writing, mobilization skills, local communities and local Government authorities, Willing to stay in the remote areas within and outside the Region; Displays cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability;


The WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature), an international conservation organization, is seeking for a competent and highly motivated M&E Technical Assistant, to be based in Dar es Salaam.

Specific Tasks: Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant will assist and support the M&E officer on technical aspect (database and knowledge management) of the Elephant/Ruvuma Landscape Programme to ensure all data pertaining to planned results in the two programmes are collected, collated, analyzed and reported timely for the smooth implementation of the programmes and enhance learning within and across programmes under the CSP 2015-2020.

Major duties and responsibilities:
• Conduct regular field visits and contribute to the preparation of different tools for data collection including checklist, questionnaires and forms.
• Compile, check; sort and analyze qualitative and quantitative data for ongoing field activities according to the reporting guidelines.
• Contribute to assess performance of the M&E systems, tools and reporting system by providing inputs in the development of the overall monitoring and evaluation of the program in accordance with programme log-frame
• Undertake periodic reviews of implementation and operation of the monitoring to provide onsite solution to
the existing challenges and situation in accordance with the M&E Monitoring Plan for Elephant and Ruvuma landscape programmes.
• Contribute to the preparation of draft technical report (TPRs) and comment on all field reports before submission to Project Executants and subsequently to the M&E officer
• Support all the trainings and forums happening within the project area including Data analysis and management.

Required Qualifications and skills: A minimum of Bachelor's Degree in Natural Sciences, Economics, Environmental Science or Natural Resources Management. At least two years of experience in data collection and assisting Monitoring and Evaluation of programmes ,Excellent communication and facilitation skills, Ability to organize and conduct training in relevant disciplines Strong analytical skills including analysis of both quantitative and qualitative data, Strong knowledge in Computer programs,

Additional information: Detailed Terms of Reference can be obtained by email request to the address below. Applications must include a complete CV with full contact details of three referees and should be addressed to the Human Resources Manager, via email to: hresources@wwftz.org by Friday, 29th June 2017 at 4:30 pm.

Only the shortlisted candidates will be contacted and the interviews will take place in Dar es Salaam.

WWF is an equal opportunity organization.


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